Coffee + Channels 2

By: Molly Batura

Alright, loves! Happy Thursday!! We’re almost towards the end of the week and you know what that means…we get to breathe for a hot sec! Praise the Lord, I need a quick break.

Here we are, week 2 of Coffee + Channels, so thanks for taking time out of your crazy schedule to read about mine. I mentioned last week that some are skeptical about what I actually do at work. Their faces usually contort when I say “I manage social media”. I think their first assumption is that I’m either too lazy for a “real” job or I’m stupid. Yeah…hi…neither are true!

Managing social media is FAR more than simply scheduling posts. While that is an aspect of it (and an important one at that), there is a lot more going into what qualifies as good social media. Let’s go through quick play by play of what I do at work:

I always start with data and research…always! Every week, I start off by collecting statistics on previous week’s posts. This means I’m looking at both successful and failed posts on multiple levels: time of day, quality of wording, attached media, and of course, likes, shares, and comments. That’s a lot to look into!

So no, I don’t just refresh Facebook and Twitter all day. But if you still don’t believe me, after I do research I begin creating content – this, this is the fun part! I get to take my client’s goals and culture and turn them into a tangible item! Whether it’s through words, images, or videos, I get to figure out which way is best to convey the client (Hint hint: this is why I went into PR).

So I’m not lazy and I have a real job. My job just allows me to be creative and to think outside of the box (at all times) for the betterment of someone else!! (Remember that we’re all good at different things and we all bring value to the people around us in one or another, so don’t put someone down for their job or their passions.)

One of the great things about this office, and the people in it, is their love for everyone, their constant encouragement of each other, and their openness to new ideas. That’s rare and if you haven’t surrounded yourself with these kind of people, get on it! I promise you, it’ll make all the difference!

Stay awesome,


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