Coffee + Channels 4.0

By: Molly Batura

Hi loves!! We are back, back, back again…

If you missed my previous post, I went over my favorite ways to really relax and rewind. If you agreed or had new or different ideas, I’d love to hear some of your favorite ways to continue relaxing throughout the rest of the term!

Spring break was awesome but oh my goodness, did we miss this office and these people! This week has been crazy as we all get back into the swings of things regarding work, school, and the fact that sleep as we know it, is gone.

I think coming back to a job you love, after a vacation, makes the transition much easier. Call me out if it’s not, I’d love to hear otherwise (although, I think I’m right). Was I really on a break though? If we’re being honest, I checked my email and analytics at least once a day. Can’t stop, won’t stop, you know?

Once I came back, though, I found that a lot had changed in just seven days…not in a bad way, don’t worry! EMW is growing so rapidly, that we are picking up speed with no signs of stopping! With new clients, new ideas, and new ways to grab people’s attention, we’re a force to be reckoned with. Maybe that’s a big statement to make, but I know we can handle it.

I for one, have been working on blogging for our clients. Blogging sometimes gets overlooked simply because it can be time-consuming, but it is so beneficial! Blogging opens up a company to their clients/customers in a way social media simply can’t. If you’re wondering what I mean, let me explain it real quickly:

Social media sites are a great way to reach your target audience. They provide a quick insight into your good/service, benefits of choosing you over your competitors, and it’s by far the easiest way to keep up with you.

Blogging, however, humanizes your company. It gives you the deep conversational aspect and allows you to introduce your culture, further explain your good/service, and more! One of the many benefits of blogging is the lack of barrier. While you want to have a general idea of your blog’s theme, you have the freedom to constantly add new topics or segments, allowing your audience to see who you are rather than just what you do.

Make sense? That’s been my project this week – coming up with blog topics, schedules, and seeing how I can impact our target audience’s just a little bit more.

If you have questions about blogging or have something you want to see, feel free to reach out to me!

Stay awesome,


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