Coffee + Channels

By: Molly Batura

Hey, loves! I’m so excited to start Coffee + Channels each week with you guys! My name’s Molly and I’m currently one of the interns at EMW (bless up). My identifier is easily an iced coffee in hand at all times and my main work is scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing social media channels (hence the name!) Each week, I’ll be here to update you on EMW life through the intern’s eyes, because let’s be real, this job is legit!

A quick, little background on myself: I’m a senior at Texas Tech and was fortunate enough to be hired last fall as a social media manager. Throughout the office, I’m pretty much a walking dictionary…we wouldn’t go too far as to say a grammar nazi, but I know my stuff!

I run social media for 4 awesome clients, but what does that mean? Glad you asked! I’m constantly creating and scheduling content (posts) for Facebook and Twitter. Now don’t worry, I don’t just sit here scrolling through Facebook (although, some people would like to think I do…another story). I get to conduct research and collect data based on target audiences, successful wording, and levels of interaction! Pretty stinking cool if you ask me!

Real talk though – what in the world is good about being an intern? I’ll be honest, being an intern sucks…if you work anywhere else! I’m not kidding you, EMW allows the interns to bring value to the company, not just coffee and tea. It’s here that I’ve been able to really put my skills to practice and I could not be more thankful for this opportunity!

Plus, the office is hella chill! We’re creative people, so naturally we’re in a creative space! Edison bulbs, couches, music constantly playing, and the greatest people you will ever meet make going to work something to look forward to! So check back each week, because I can’t wait to share this part of my life with you guys!

Stay awesome,


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