If your company is having trouble creating fan clients and customers, follow our lead as we follow Game Changers Movement! Here are some tips to generate an active fan base:

  1. Provide incredible service to create clients for life who will promote and become your advocates
  2. It’s much more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to take of the one you already have
  3. Your clients are both internal and If one client isn’t served effectively, or in a timely way, then the client won’t receive the value they should be receiving
  4. You must meet their needs, not expect them to do something solely because you demand it
  5. Business is the management of consistent delivery, or exceeding of, promises fulfilled to all your customers
  6. The money is not in your list, it’s in the value you provide your list and the relationships you have with your clients as a result
  7. In times of stress, you must over communicate with your clients and customers
  8. Outstanding client support and service is affected by every person in your organization. You must create a culture where people are passionate about meeting the clients’ needs
  9. Periodically question conventional wisdom about what you think your customers need and want
  10. Never sell anything you’re not prepared to deliver impeccably on the back end

Source: www.GameChangersMovement.com | “The Premier Community for Young Professionals and Ambitious Entrepreneurs”