Last week, we followed Game Changers Movement’s lead and looked at 10 principles for creating fan clients and customers. From providing incredible service to focusing on the value of your service rather than money, we loved these tips! This week, we’re going over seven strategies for creating, and retaining, those fans of your company!

  1. Give more than you promote – Your goal is a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of giving value to promoting your products
  2. Always leave your clients in a better place and state – Do everything in your power to help them get their desired result
  3. Use the principles of creating “jackpots” and “variable reinforcements” – create unexpected prizes and bonuses for your clients
  4. Run your business in an open, transparent way – If something goes awry, tell your clients what happened and be completely clear about what it means for your clients
  5. Always reward your best clients – special benefits, discounts, offers and value in addition to what your core clients are receiving
  6. You can create a structure and a system that allows everyone in your organization to consistently meet your client needs
  7. Give back in whatever ways you can to your customers, the industry and society as a whole

Source: | “The Premier Community for Young Professionals and Ambitious Entrepreneurs”