Hamza Khalid

Our staff is what makes EMW so awesome! We are very lucky to have Hamza Khalid as our VP of Operations and Senior Web Designer. His dedication to perfecting his craft and great ideas are the backbone of our business. Learn more about him here!


Hamza Khalid

Funniest nickname you have?

Lion (not really funny… lol).  Some people have called me Hammy or Hamzee. I do have some other nicknames in my language, but they aren’t appropriate to say. Haha.


Canton, MI

What’s your major? When do you graduate?

Undergraduate: Double Major in Microbiology & Computer Science with minors in Journalism, Literature, and French.

Masters (Currently):  Dual-Masters Program in Computer Science & Business (CIS)

Graduated with my Undergraduate degrees in May 2015. Will be graduating with my masters in December 2017.

What made you pursue an career with EMW?

EMW allowed me to be part of something that’s bigger than what I’ve been part of previously. Nurturing and helping grow a business from ground up is a much bigger and better experience.  The innovative and creative flexibility I had and have in EMW allows me to always deliver nothing but the best for our clients and the entire industry.


Favorite genre of movie?

I have a few, actually. I really enjoy Action, Adventure, Thriller, as well as Comedy.

What is your secret talent?

While I don’t publicly show it, I play the guitar privately and really enjoy it.

Which store would you most likely max out your credit card?

Best Buy & Apple Store.

3 items on your bucket list?

–  Go from already knowing 7 languages to 10 languages by 2020.

–  Take part in horseback riding competition

–  Create a new type of programming language

If you could have dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Steve Jobs.

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