Megan Kirkpatrick

Our staff is what makes EMW so awesome! We are very lucky to have Megan Kirkpatrick in our office as a 2017 spring semester graphic and web design intern. Her attention to detail is what makes her successful and she has the bubbliest personality. Learn more about her here!


Megan Kirkpatrick

Funniest nickname you have?

Megatron or Meganomics


Lubbock, TX

What’s your major? When do you graduate?

Graphic Design, graduated December 16, 2016 at Dallas Baptist University.


What made you pursue an internship with EMW?

I pursued EMW as an internship because I want to become more experienced in web design as well as graphic design. Also, I love the location and the cool vibes that EMW provides!

Favorite genre of movie?


What is your secret talent?

If I tell you, it won’t be a secret anymore 😉

Which store would you most likely max out your credit card?


3 items on your bucket list?

Live in a big city, own my own business, meet Keith Urban

If you could have dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Nicole Kidman

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