Kelly Kingston

Our staff is what makes EMW so awesome! We are very lucky to have Kelly Kingston as our operations manager and social media manager. Her desire to constantly learn about the digital marketing industry keeps our business as up to date as possible. Learn more about her here!


Kelly Kingston

Funniest nickname you have?

I have so many. The funniest would have to be the one my dad gave me when I was a kid (and still uses now), which is Banjo. Haha.


Hobbs, New Mexico

What’s your major? When do you graduate?

Undergraduate: Public Relations from Texas Tech, graduated in May 2016.

Masters (Currently):  Strategic Communication and Innovation. Will graduate in August 2017! Can’t wait!

What made you pursue an career with EMW?

My career at EMW started as an internship and I fell in love with the awesome work atmosphere Kirk provided and the constant free flow of ideas in the office. At EMW, no idea is a bad idea (it may just need to be tweaked, lol). After graduation, I knew I wanted to stay in Lubbock because my best friend lives here and it’s close to my family. EMW provided me a career in my area of interest with an amazing company culture and great coworkers. I love my job, if you couldn’t tell!!!!


Favorite genre of movie?

Horror and thriller for sure! Anything that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

What is your secret talent?

Let’s see… my ridiculous memory. I remember everything!!!!!!!

Which store would you most likely max out your credit card?

Sephora or Ulta, definitely.

3 items on your bucket list?

-Renovate a small travel trailer and travel around living in it.

-Get married in VEGAS!

-Take part in some sort of charitable activity abroad.

If you could have dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Sidne Smith! She is my dinner date all the time and I wouldn’t change that for anyone! If she was busy though, I would say my parents!

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