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Our vision at EMW Digital is to be the leading authority in Digital Ecosystem Development by being the best at acquiring leads for our clients through Facebook Advertising, Click Funnel & Landing Page Development, Contact Acquisition, and Email Marketing.

EMW is a robust team of digital artists, visionaries and coding composers. Founded on the vision to create and grow your business’s digital ecosystems, we are here to simplify your relationship with the evolving digital world. At EMW, we create authentic connections driven by unique humans.

Your business is our business. We offer thinking-based and technology-driven services in Digital Transformation, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, and Identity Systems. With experience in Real Estate, Technology, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Consumer Products and beyond, we develop strong digital solutions that will have an impact on how you do business.

By continuously learning about the ever-changing industry of digital marketing, EMW offers your business a reliable and powerful team of professionals who truly care about your success. We work with top-tier marketing strategists that create campaigns for companies ranging from widely known public figures to Facebook itself, making EMW ahead of the curve in digital systems and tactics.


Kirk Noles


Meet Kirk

Kirk started his journey into the world of digital communication via the route of art and design. Studying graphic art and web design in college, interning at the Hensley Gallery Southwest in Taos NM, and attending the Art Student’s League of New York in New York City paved the way for Kirk’s passion to communicate and evoke emotion visually.

Beginning his career in graphic design and marketing, Kirk developed and designed campaign materials and brands for the Republican and Democratic parties national campaigns in the 2004 and 2006 election cycles. From there, Kirk was recruited to manage and facilitate the national digital marketing for an international, fortune 5000 drug rehab facility. As the digital world expanded, so did Kirk’s interest in entrepreneurship and EMW Digital was born.

Teaming up with entrepreneurial masterminds Peter Voogd (New York Times Best Selling Author of 6 Months to 6 Figures, founder of the prestigious Gamechangers Academy), Mark Lack (best-selling author of “Shorten The Gap” and TV host of Business Rockstars) and Austin Netzley (27-time #1 bestseller “Make Money, Live Wealthy.” founder of ONE Pursuit, Founder and CEO of 2X) Kirk has taken his business and personal life to an elite level.

Hamza Khalid


Meet Hamza

Hamza is the Chief Technical Officer at Everyman Media Works. He insures that all technical aspects of projects are executed and completed efficiently and effectively. He also performs routine quality checks of services and works on projects with clients. He strives to push the boundaries of digital engagement, design, innovation and communication technology. He has over 10 years of experience in technological services, such as web design, coding, server management, etc. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, such as Apple Inc. Hamza is focused on making EMW one of the nation’s most innovative digital marketing firms.

Hamza graduated from Texas Tech University with both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He graduated with his double B.S.’s in Computer Science and Microbiology, and pursued a M.S. in Computer Science and an MBA. He plans to start a Ph.D. program with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2020.

Growing up in Michigan, Hamza grew an unique passion for several disciplines. In his spare time, Hamza has a passion for journalism, music, and technology. He strives to engage in intuitive experiences that brings him challenges as well as have fun at the same time.

Kelly Kingston

Operations Director

Meet Kelly

Kelly is the client relations coordinator, social media manager, hiring manager and life of the party at EMW Digital!

Clients and employees alike know they can turn to her for favors, questions, or a fun conversation.
After graduating with her B.A. in Public Relations from Texas Tech, she began working full-time at EMW Digital. We are a small (yet growing!) company, meaning she takes on many roles. She enjoys building strong relationships with our clients and employees, creating successful social media campaigns, designing marketing materials for print and digital advertising, and learning about the ever-changing industry of digital marketing. While building and leading a strong team of content developers, Kelly earned her M.A. at Texas Tech in Strategic Communication, which gave her a greater perspective of communicative and behavioral differences in the workplace.

Outside of the office, you can find her seeing every movie at the theater, trying new restaurants or spending time with family!

Melissa Starck

Communications Coordinator

Meet Melissa

The name’s Melissa Starck, but most around here call me Starck. I write, design and create all things digital. I am a tireless seeker of organization, occasionally giving out wisdom and a minimalist designer. I find passion and inspiration in traveling, being outdoors and just embracing my inner urban hippie. My background is a bag of mixed nuts, I am from everywhere, but grew up mostly in San Antonio, Texas. I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Communication Design in 2013, from there I spent the next 5 years traveling the world as a professional tennis instructor. Through my adventures abroad I cultivated my design and aesthetic. As life would see it, I found myself in Lubbock pursuing my digital design career as the newest member of EMW!


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