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EMW is a robust team of digital artists, visionaries, and coding composers. Founded on the vision to create and grow your business’s digital ecosystems, we are here to simplify your relationship with the evolving digital world. At EMW, we create authentic connections driven by unique humans.

By continuously learning about the ever-changing industry of digital marketing, EMW offers your business a reliable and powerful team of professionals who truly care about your success. Our content creators all have one central goal: seeing your business succeed.


Kirk Noles

Kirk is the owner/CEO, leader, and orchestra conductor at EMW Digital. What started as Kirk’s side hustle to help friends transition into the digital age has turned into the leading full-service digital agency in Texas. Kirk takes pride in building strong, personal relationships with his clients and maintaining a positive and flexible work environment for his team of digital designers.

Chief Technology Officer

Hamza Khalid

Hamza is the Chief Technical Officer at EMW Digital. He ensures that all technical aspects of projects are executed and completed efficiently and effectively. He also performs routine quality checks of services and works on projects with clients.

Chief Operations Officer

Kelly Kingston

As the Chief Operations Officer at EMW Digital, Kelly manages and assists our skilled team of marketing professionals to best serve our clients. Each role she has held at EMW prepared her to hire, delegate, coach and encourage each team member we have added along the way.

Digital Designer + Brand Developer

Melissa Starck

Melissa Starck is a San Antonio native who graduated from Texas State University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. She is our go-to lady for all things aesthetic and brand development. Our team has designated her our Earth roamer and outdoor adventurer! 

Traditional + Digital Strategist

Haley GrizzafFi

After earning her bachelor’s in advertising from Texas Tech University in 2018, Haley entered the agency world to explore and grow her passion for traditional and digital media buying. She is driven by analytics and results, if you can’t find her behind a computer you can typically find her out in the wilderness camping.

Graphic Designer

Magen Quezada

Magen is one of EMW’s resident creatives and our lead graphic designer. She has a great eye for detail and loves to make her work stand out. 


Haley Freeman

Haley is the Head of HR / Accounting / Logistics at EMW Digital. As a graduate of Texas Tech University and having over five years of human resource experience, she loves to face all business challenges head-on. When she’s not working on spreadsheets, Haley loves to go camping, golfing or doing anything involving her weenie dog.

Media Production & Content Creator

Dillan Cullifer

Dillan is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to media production and content creation. Dillan has several years of experience in photography and videography creating content for several platforms including social, web, broadcast, and many more. If it involves a camera, Dillan is your guy. 

Creative Content Developer

Kalie Engle

Kalie is our Creative Content Developer and is driven by
creative outlets such as videography, design, and music.
After graduating with her Bachelors in Business Administration from Texas Tech University in 2019, she quickly began working at EMW. 

Social Media Coordinator

Anahi Nieves

Meet Anahi. A true sentimentalist at heart, she believes in the power of storytelling. With an unconventional approach, she crafts content that resonates deeply with audiences.

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