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Eager to bring his online presence up to speed with his exceptional patient care, Dr. Marin with 1-Spine Chiropractic contacted EMW Digital for a complete digital overhaul. We began our work by redesigning his website with a bright and modern aesthetic, while incorporating the latest tools available for the chiropractic industry.

Parade of Homes

As a long-standing event in Lubbock, the West Texas Home Builder Association needed a dedicated marketing team to maintain the professionalism Lubbock expects from the Parade of Homes as well as increase ticket sales.

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”

– Gary Vaynerchuck

Office Locations

1306 A Broadway
Lubbock, Texas 79401

Houston, Texas


Lubbock (806) 500-2914
Houston (713) 476-1876


[email protected]

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