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As we move into 2024, it is a goal of mine to share more about how EMW Digital helps businesses reach goals.

Consider this the first installment of an email series where I will share highlights, case studies, and knowledge that my incredible team at EMW Digital uses to build on and provide value to our client base.

This January, we have officially added Maryssa Lenning to our team of digital specialists. Maryssa joins us with a background of corporate in-house marketing, specifically in start-up businesses. She also has experience building her own businesses from scratch through compelling copy and purchase-driven website design. Her specialty at EMW lies in SEO, or search engine optimization.

Through extensive keyword research, website content development, and social back linking, Maryssa’s one goal at EMW is to ensure that the website a client invests into is easily findable and navigated by search engines.

While we have always offered SEO as a service, the addition of Maryssa to our team provides clients a clear point of contact for SEO, as well as high-level expertise in this service.

You may be wondering: why invest in a SEO content writer? Can’t Chat GPT do that for you? While we do believe Chat GPT is an incredible resource, search engines have caught on to the permeation of AI-written content and have started to de-prioritize that content, showing preference to human-written websites. So while AI can get you started, having real, valuable content to encourage visits to your website will always be king.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and achieving mutual success in the year ahead – your trust in EMW is what gives us opportunities to grow and expand. As a reminder, if you ever have any questions about what EMW can do for your business, or just want to brainstorm next steps, you can always reach out to me via email or text: [email protected] or 806-300-2500.


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