WTHBA Annual Parade of Homes

A Lubbock tradition celebrating home builders and service providers.


Event Management

Nothing Can Rain on the Lubbock Parade (of Homes)

As a long-standing event in Lubbock, the West Texas Home Builder Association needed a dedicated marketing team to maintain the professionalism Lubbock expects from the Parade of Homes as well as increase ticket sales.

Our graphic artists start planning theme ideas and assets half a year before the annual event, working closely with the WTHBA to fine-tune artwork. Our media buyers begin selecting traditional media based on viewership trends while our digital specialists research promising new tactics that can extend online reach. While the WTHBA secures neighborhoods, builders and ad sales, we bring all information together in digestible, intriguing formats to build excitement across Lubbock and surrounding areas.

Once the Parade begins, our staff not only monitors online media but also volunteers to assist with event management. Whether selling tickets, handing out guidebooks, or taking photos – you will see an EMW team member at a Parade neighborhood every night that it is operating. While the work behind the scenes is hard to quantify, ticket sales and brand reach speak for themselves. While the 2020 Parade of Homes was paused, moved, and restructured, ticket sales still exceeded expectations.

In 2021, Lubbockites were excited to get out of the house, and our goal was making sure they knew about the Parade of Homes. With over 300 TV spots, a CTR of over 23% on digital ads, and a billboard reach of over 1.5 million, you would be hard-pressed to find a resident that had not heard about the event. Ticket sales were so high that more tickets needed to be printed.

As proud as we are of the success of the last two Parade of Homes, we cannot spend too much time celebrating – we have a 2022 Parade to plan.

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”

– Gary Vaynerchuck

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