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A Premium Pumping Company Looking to Increase Hiring and Marketing Horsepower

ProPetro is known today as one of the most efficient and productive pressure pumping companies in the oilfield service industry and EMW Digital works directly with decision makers within ProPetro to ensure their success stays top of mind for current and future customers, employees and investors. Through consistent branding, specialized video and photo components, digital and traditional ad buys, and website management, ProPetro’s marketing is as efficient and strategic as their company is.

FORCE: ProPetro’s Electric Frac Fleet

Energy efficient initiatives are taking the oil and gas industry by storm, and ProPetro was up for the challenge. Through strategic partnerships, ProPetro developed their electric frac fleet for reduced emissions, a smaller footprint, and more reliability. The equipment was there – they just needed a brand behind the product.

So was born FORCE: ProPetro’s Electric Frac Fleet. EMW Digital’s skilled team of graphic designers created a logo that spoke to the original ProPetro branding – just with a bolt of energy. Once the name and logo was finalized, EMW Digital crafted the design for all vinyl wraps of the fleet, marketing components like magazine ads and swag, presentation material, and video clips.

Driving a Fleet of Applications

Hiring is a concern of all companies experiencing rapid growth. An Applicant Tracking Tool helps organize applications, but how do you get applicants there? ProPetro turned to EMW Digital to increase excitement around working at ProPetro, a valuable way to increase applications.

By managing the company’s social media pages, specifically LinkedIn, EMW Digital began highlighting employee events and milestones. With our strategic videography services, we crafted long-form video components showcasing each department under the ProPetro umbrella. These videos played at company-wide meetings, giving employees a chance to see the value their employer places on them and their team with the goal of increasing employee retention. The videos were also sprinkled in to online marketing, reaching potential employees.

Through digital ad buys on social media and banners, EMW Digital targeted potential applicants who were searching for employment or were located in competitor locations.

Brand awareness through organic and paid marketing increased applications from passive channels by ~87% in 6 months.

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”

– Gary Vaynerchuck

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